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About me

My name is Claire and I have been passionate about dogs all of my life and always had a keen interest in dog training. However, my interest deepened when I got a puppy who was different from all the other dogs I had known. This dog was anxious and worried about everything and the whole world was a scary place, which often meant she acted in a negative and defensive manner. I have attended many different courses and come across a variety of different training methods in my journey to find a way to help her, some better than others.

I have successfully completed courses with many recognised bodies including COAPE, Dog Training College, Canine Principles, Spirit Dog Training, AbsoluteDogs (becoming a Certified ProDog Trainer in 2019 and a ProDog Geek in 2021).  I am excited to announce that in 2024 I have also become an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor.  I continue to update my learning on an ongoing basis.

 I love training using kind, positive and force-free methods, and sharing my knowledge with others. Training through concepts and games is fun and grows the relationship and bond you have with your dog.