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Stop Barking!  Mini Course

Do you have a dog who barks at everything?

  • Other dogs - bark bark bark!

  • A knock on the door - bark bark bark!

  • Visitors - bark bark bark!

  • Strange noises - bark bark bark!

  • Unusual objects you encounter on walks - bark bark bark!

  • Strangers - bark bark bark!

If your dog thinks everything is their business and likes to tell you all about it or responds to things that worry or excite them by barking, you may be feeling a little frazzled.

Restore peace to your household! As an AbsoluteDOGS Pro Dog Partner, I’m excited to share AbsoluteDOGS BRAND-NEW Stop Barking mini-course!

For just £27 GBP, this course is small but mighty! Discover…

  • Everything you need to crack that barking struggle and restore peace and quiet to your household.

  • Fun, practical games to help your dog become less vocal and prevent inappropriate barking.

  • Lessons which dive deep into your dog’s psychology in a fun and accessible way, to help you understand what might be motivating your dog’s barking and learn how the magic of games can make unwanted barking a thing of the past.

  • Top tips and strategies you can start implementing right away.

  • Lifetime access.

  • Video captions.

Are you ready to help your dog access their inner calm and turn the volume down on your barking struggles?

Jump into the Stop Barking mini-course here!